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Ghiordes Gebetsteppich

Ghiordes Gebetsteppich West Anatolien, 18. Jhdt The shaded red field with small upper paired wreaths and two columns with lozenges and floral terminals below the serrated blue stepped mihrab arch containing tracery vine, a light blue floral cross-panel above, in a dark brown border of palmettes flanked by serreted leaves alternating with rosettes between lights and medium blue angular floral meander stripes, a short kilim strip at each end, even wear slight repiling, small repairs throughout, upper end slightly ragged, reselvaged with loss of smallest outer guard stripe.

Approximately 5ft.6in.x4ft.3in. (168x130cm)  Warp: white wool, yellow-green at the ends, Z2S, hardly to slightly depressed, slightly undulating. Weft: 2 shoots red wool, Z1, undulating Pile: wool, Z1-2, symmetrical inclining to the left, H3,4xV4,9cm  Lower end: flatwoven with red, white and yellow-green wool, Z1 Upper end: as lower but with only red wool Remarks: lazy lines PROVENANCE: Werner Grote-Hasenbalg, Berlin Aqquired from above 14.December 1954 as a "Gjordes" for DM 1.100,- See the introductory essays for a brief discussion of the Ghiordes group.

This rug is one of the type of Ghiordes prayer rugs often classified as a "Transylvanian" as similar examples were found in the churches of Eastern Europe. It is generally believed that the rugs of Ghiordes "Transylvanian" type slightly re-date other Ghiordes weavings. A similar example of the current rugs is the Schwarze Kirche, Kronstadt, 241 (see Kertesz-Badrus) A: Türkische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen, Bucharest, 1985, no.40

Art.-Nr.: T007
Maße: 168 x 130 cm