"Classic Rugs"

Each antique Rug has been new...

Our new Rugs are woven after antique rugs which are now in museums and private collections.

These rugs were woven in traditional manner with hand spoon wool and natural dyes.

The designers are well known with the historical rugs and are produced from masters in Sultanhany (Turkey) and Baku (Azerbaijan). Each of our carpets is a masterpiece at is own.

Your advantage?

You are getting a rare rug of highest quality, while original antiques are not easy to buy.

Our rugs are authentic and are produced by people we great historical background.

They are with you and your family for a lifetime.

The harmony of the brillant natural dyes will give you every day joy.

To have a "Classic Rug" means a value piece in your home for generations.

Be aware: each classic rug has been new and will be antique in generations.



Did you know?

Our offer also includes antique tapestries -Replica for museums, churches and private institutions. The craftsmanship is based on original design templates and color reproduction to achieve a high degree of authenticity.


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