Private Collection Anton Dörner

Since time immemorial, man seeks the forms and colors of nature to be included in his apartment. Whether it is the simple nomad tent or the palace of the Emir, a carpet for life as a place to sleep, it protects against wind and cold.

But also as decorative and prestige can act a beautiful carpet.

A Persian proverb says: "Buy only the carpet, then build the house around it."

This appreciation of the carpet in the house is the reason that no Orientale enters a house with shoes. This attentiveness to the Knüpfschönheiten is also the reason that still survived in the care of families, many antique carpets. Our rug collection is an example for every taste and utility value.

We wish you much joy and inspiration while looking at this value pieces. These rugs could tell a lot, if they could speak.

If you wish to make a suggestion or comment about our carpets, so we invite you to write us an email or leave a comment in the blog.



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Anatolian Rugs

Anatolian rugs from the 13th-19th century are works of art that have been demanded by kings and princes for their palaces.


Rug Collection

These Rugs are selected pieces from an important rug collection.


Caucasian Rugs

Caucasian carpets are popular for your universal geometric pattern and unusual colors.